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Story of LRD

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Story of LRD

Post  Admin Focke on Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:27 am



It was a sunny and happy day. It looked boring in the morning, but I'll never forget that day. After I've drinked my coffee in my old small house in Las Colinas, Kelly came in the living room and said to me 'Hey..gang meeting'. I've looked at him surprised. I've took my pants and my white tank, and I went out, behind our house.

(Kelly): Hey vatos..aren't you tired of this fuckin rutina? Do you want some fuckin action?
(Ricky, Daniel): Orale..but what the fuck is with you? You've thinked on something?
(Kelly): True holmes. We gotta burn la mierda in El Corona, but first we gotta take some beers from La Mall.

So that was it, Kelly planned a small attack in El Corona. This never happened because of some bad reasons, because we got attacked at the mall...

*Ricky enters in the 24/7 to take some beers.
*Daniel notices 3-4 hobos coming near them.

(Baker): Ey, fuck Northside!
*Kelly looks at Baker
(Kelly): Hey puto! What the fuck did you say?
(Lunderman): Hey hey fuck y'all! Do you wanna fight? Fight!
*Kelly and Daniel take two bats from the Remmington's trunk.
(Daniel): Hey fuck hobosas! Less' fuckin do it!
*A bat fight started at the mall in front of people's eyes. Noone've tried to stop them, they just continued the fight around 2 minutes. After to minutes, Ricky've exited from the 24/7. He had seen the fighting scene and he dropped all the beers, taking a Glock.

(Ricky): Hey hobo putas! Take some of this.
*Ricky attempts to shoot next to Baker, but fails.

In time..

(Dispatch): Attention all the units, we have code 10-60 near sector 4, LS Mall. Streetfight between some people in front of the mall; All the units please respond.

* A SAPD car shown up. Two officers've exited from the car, aimed at the hobos.

(Officer): SA-PD! Freeze!

(Thomson): Mierda let's fucking go!!
(Daniel): Wait up holmes!
* Daniel throws the bat on the ground.

We just entered in our carro and drove straight to Las Colinas. No car chasing us.

(Thomson): What the fuck, holmes..we planned an assaulto on surside.
(Kelly): Hey fuck you..I've not known that some homelessos wanted to fuck us up.
(Ricky): Hey fuck you all and shut up!
(Daniel): Stay out of this, Ricky. Just park near our house, eh.

After 5-6 hours, a yellow Burrito has shown up near the house, horning.

(Stranger): Hey vatos..come here

We've came out, to realize he was with us..a mexican from east beach.

(Stranger): Hey I am looking for Daniel..
(Daniel): I am Daniel, eh, ene.
(Stranger): A'ight nice to meet you Daniel, I have some good news for you.
(Kelly): Hey wait up..who's this guy?
(Stranger): My name is Focke..I am el jefe of la East Plaja..I heard that you are in dangerro with Lokotes, eh..
(Andre): Si eh..we are looking for another barro.
(Focke): A'ight, be near the beach on 12 AM, enes.

We just waited inside our house. When it was 11:30 , we drove off to East Beach. On the middle of the street, a yellow Clover shown up in the dark..We've followed him until he stopped on a strange place, with a lot of garages and boxes ..maybe full of something. Then we saw the guy..Focke.

(Focke): Gratz, mi carnales. You passed el testo, eh.
(Daniel): You crazy, eh *laugh*
(Focke): Come inside eh..

After we've got inside, 5-6 people wearing blue bandanas have shown up, invited us to take a seat.

(Focke): So..Daniel..are you el Jefe of them?
*Daniel nods.
(Focke): Well you know, eh..since you have problemas qon Locotes , we can really help you.
(Daniel): You serioso..you mean an alliansa eh?
(Focke): Si eh.. La Rojo Sangre y La.. East Side Diablos..make Los Rojos Diablos, eh..We can make a good work together..
(Daniel): Orale...you took me fast..I don't fucking understand why don't you asked that from the first time..but mierda I accept this help.
(Focke): You welcome, Daniel..welcome..

I enjoy to roleplay alot, and I have lead many gangs on many different servers.
All have done well, so I have the experience required, I also am extremely active on SZR
and play it for at least 5-6 hours daily, most of the time its more. I enjoy being given responsibility for something,
If I was given the oppotunity to lead a gang in SZR I would put 110% effort in, I would make sure everyone in the gang follows
the server rules, I do not want to be heavy handed leader, but I would make sure my fellow gang members followed the server rules.
If I see a gang member deathmatch for example, I would explain to them the dim view i take on it, and give them the chance to explain,
as I believe in second chances, this is part of my firm but fair approach.

I would love to be given the chance to own a gang, and I promise I will not take the responsibility lightly...

Admin Focke

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Re: Story of LRD

Post  Wally_Stone on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:58 am

Nice effort bro seriously, it seems you put A'lot of thought and time into this excellent work ese'


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