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Los Rojos Diablos Kos List

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Los Rojos Diablos Kos List

Post  Wally_Stone on Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:54 am

People that are enemies of the family or people we are having problem's with but please also state the reason that these problems started . I didn't see one of these so I figured I would just make one. Well this is people so far

1. Sean_Jackson-raging trying to kill us but gets owned everytime (killed him with a sdpistol twice today)
2. Deron_Triggs-hes part of Vago's but help's sean try to kill us
3. Julio_Echulo-helps Sean kill us when the numbers are uneven will car ram the fuck out of you (Dirty player)
4. Jackson_Reeces-everyone hates him start's wars ect


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