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Newbie_Helper Lieutenant Application

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Newbie_Helper Lieutenant Application

Post  Hector_Mata on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:38 am

Hello! Los Rojos Diablos Members, LT's and Boss Daniel Malonez, as i said before on the subject of my post i'm requesting to be a LT.

Below i'm going to set a little introduction of myself, basically i'm a pretty old player doesn't mean i'm better than any of the actual members but i know a bit better how things work around SZR so there's a thing or two i can teach you, i'm the kind of guy who put a total effort doing their things and never give up.

What exactly i want? Actually i want to become one of the LTs of LRD you might think "this guy just get recruited and now he want to be LT" but it isn't that way its just i'm very grateful on how actual Lts are doing their job and as my IRL cousin King_KrablegZ can be a pretty good leader as well as Jack, Focker and Daniel i feel totally capable to do the same.

So to end this i want you to say a word about this, do you really think i could get the job or we would just trash this and leave as it is?

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