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Hispanic RP tips

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Hispanic RP tips

Post  Hectores on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:07 pm

Ey' vatos postin' some of our homeland 'slang ehh..
So wha'chu need to do iss...
Speak loud' and make sho' most of the stuff ya'speakin' makes no sense ese!
Here some of our slang'

baro = coin, money
bironga = beer, booze
bote = jail or prison
bronca = trouble or a problem with someone else
cantón = home; house; apartment
Carrucha = Car
chota = Jura = Police / cops
ésa = short for Sureña = (lit. "that one", "that girl")
ése = short for Sureño = (lit. "that one", "that guy")
Homes = holmes = a variation on the word homeboy which is used to identify a friend
Jefe = Jefito = Boss or father
Loc = loco = Locochón = crazy .. as in "that ese is loco" "that guy is crazy"
pendejo = extremely foolish person
vato = dude; guy; man

Well ma'vatos, Make sure ya'usin' it once in a while eh!

Peace I'm out, cya ingame.. at school right now What a Face


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